Art Nouveau liftArt Nouveau liftArt Nouveau liftArt Nouveau lift

100 years of the art nouveau lift

at the Hotel Adria: long skirts, tight corsets, sti? uniforms. Impossible to climb the stairs in these out?ts. But at last the lift made
them ?y, sometimes seated, right up to the hall. When something is built to last it will survive time and trends. Just like our art
nouveau lift that has o?ered its services for an incredible 100 years.

The “seminato” ?oor at the entrance is over a 100 years old. A few steps further and we ?nd another treasure: the art nouveau lift, also a proud 100 years old, with its red velvet interiors, the only one in Italy. An object of indisputable historic value. The counterweight-mechanics are original and still working impeccably, just like back in the days.

"Flying" with this lift is a unique experience which cannot be described. You have to feel it yourself! 

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